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Energy Dictionary

As Aydem Energy, with our leading position in the energy sector in our country, we attach importance to the professional competence of all our employees and take care to support their development in every way. While producing energy for life, we say "We for Energy" with the spirit of Tek Aydem, being aware of the source of that energy. While working with this spirit, it is very important that we master our work and choose the right words we use in our processes. That's why we created EnSözlük as a resource that we can easily access whenever we need it, in order to ensure our command of the terms we frequently encounter in our professional lives.

In EnSözlük, you can find the concepts and their explanations used in the energy sector, relevant technical abbreviations and abbreviations of institution/organization names. We hope that our dictionary will be a valuable resource when we say "We for Energy".


Voltage with effective intensity of 1000 Volts and below Level.


According to the energy sources of power plants, How much money will they give for the support fee? whose receivables are determined by EMRA. With the Maximum Settlement Price (AUF) parameter determines. Free electricity according to AUF energy source How much revenue does a power plant generate in the market? determines what it will do.

Accrued Energy (Consumed Energy):

The energy that the Distribution Company can convert into an invoice expresses.

Ancillary Services:

Transmission or distribution system services to be provided by all affiliated legal entities expresses.


Luminaire, electric lamp To create artificial light using It is a used electrical device.

Assigned Supply Company:

Distribution and retail Within the scope of legal separation of sales activities established or as last resort supplier It is the supply company authorized by the Board.

Associate Degree:

Those who want to engage in production activities legal entities to start production facility investments necessary approvals, permits, licenses and similar It is a permit given for a certain period of time.

Bilateral Agreements:

Between real persons or legal entities and licensed legal entities or license holders Electrical energy capacity by legal entities These are commercial agreements regarding buying and selling.


It is diesel fuel made from biomass instead of petroleum. Usually in transportation used, but can also be used for home heating, electricity generation and other purposes. Widespread high lipid sources such as biodiesel sources, cooking oil, animal fat and algae They are organic substances containing (oil).


Natural waste such as animal and plant waste, agricultural waste, forestry waste, fertilizer is the use of resources as energy.

Carbon Capture and Storage:

By separating CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere These are the technological processes used for storage.

Carbon Emissions:

Carbon containing fuels (fossil fuels: oil, natural gas, coal, etc.) combustion carbon dioxide resulting from the release of gas is released into the atmosphere.

Carbon Footprint:

a person or organization Greenhouse gas released as a result of its activities emissions caused by global warming The effect is calculated in terms of carbon dioxide.

Carbon Tax:

Carbon tax; a government such as oil, coal and methane (natural gas) by production, distribution or use of fossil fuels It is a fee charged. A factory, electricity how much more power plant or other fuel user the more carbon dioxide pollution it emits, the more taxes pays.


used as fossil fuel, very old It is a mineral composed of organic substances.

Connection Agreement:

The transmission system of a generation company, distribution company or consumer or containing general and special provisions for connection to the distribution system It is an agreement.

Connection Fee:

Built to connect consumers' internal installations to the distribution network. and published in the Official Gazette dated 28/1/2014 and numbered 28896. The distance specified within the scope of the Market Connection and System Usage Regulation limited to the expenses incurred within the scope of the connection line within the borders represents the price.


Those who buy electricity for their own needs are free and are non-free consumers.


Balancing and Reconciliation Regulation

Distributed Energy:

Expresses the energy entering the system and includes lost energy. Billed Energy and the sum of Lost Energy.