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Eurobond (Green Bond) Informations

The foreign sale and export of the loan, which has a nominal value of USD 750 million and a maturity of 5.5 years (3.5 years without principal payment), was completed on August 2, 2021. All of the Company's legal loan debts have been repaid with the amounts obtained from the bond issuance, and the remaining amount is used according to the Company's installed power 2-year extraction price policy.

Detailed information regarding the Bond Issuance is provided below:

Issuer: Aydem Renewable Energy Inc.
Issuance Amount: 750,000,000 USD
Interest Rate: 7.75%
ISIN Code: XS2368781477
Issuance Date: 02/08/2021
Maturity Date: 02/02/2027

Click here to access the Approved Issuance Document for the Eurobond (Green Bond) issuance.
Click here to access the Eurobond (Green Bond) Prospectus